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#000 Introduction of a Bookworm

Hello all!

I’m Alexandra and I’m 27 years old. I live in Quebec city, a small city north of Montreal, which is the metropolis of the province.

I majored in International Relations, with a concentration in Politics. I minored in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing. I finished my first undergraduate program in 2013 and moved to Translation. I was reunited with a long-lost passion of mine and I am enjoying my time. I will finish my program in fall 2016.

In 2014, I adopted Ruten, Or Bakar DuSilence (his registered name), from Nancy Guerin’s Clos du Silence breeding program. He has been a friend, a partner in crime, an adventurer and a little monster. For a year, it’s been rocky and bumpy but we’re finally getting over our general anxiety and ready to tackle the world. Be aware if you see a black-and-white dog showing up here, that’s gonna be him!

In 2015, I stared down a creative void. I was in a bad place mentally but am now really, really recovered. I will tackle 2016 on a drawing/writing and working out front – these will therefore be my main topics. Hope you enjoy the ride!

“treat your body like you hate it while you train it, baby it with the food you take”


2 thoughts on “#000 Introduction of a Bookworm


    I love international relation ships (though I might go the business route instead of politics), linguistics (speak four), and creative writing (doing NaNoWriMo).

    I’m just reeling over how smiliar our interests are.

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