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005 – Learning to Breathe Fire

“There is always something left when you think there is nothing left” 

There is a life lesson in there, something to remember when you think you’re going to fall on your knees under the weight of the world. I could feel the weight of the barbell on my collarbone when that quote came back to mind. I was in the middle of a 5 round set of hang clean and my back hurt, my shoulders were on fire from the day before.

But my hang clean was finally good, I finally had impulsion and I finally had it.

There’s always something left when you think there is nothing left. It applies in every aspect of everyone’s life. You can’t crawl.

“Every time I work out, I literally walk around the gym and have my lioness chest out. I put my foot on top of the ball, my foot on top of the bar, because I own it. In the wild, you fall out on your back, that’s surrendering – that’s an animal surrendering. I’m not going to surrender to the workout. It’s mine. If I’m on my back and my knees, I’ve surrendered. I’m not going to surrender, I will not fall down. I will crawl to stand back up.”

I’ve read that quote somewhere else but I finally had the source. Lioness chest, pride, strength. It’s mine. Mine.

You can’t move in this life without goals. Beyond the 150 pounds deadlift, the 60 pounds clean, the 500m row under 2min20, and the 2km at the end of the summer, there’s also mountains.

Little Haystack, Mt Eisenhower, Mt Lafayette, Mt Greylock, Mt Elbert, Table Mountain, Jackson Peak, Stewart Canyon, Chief Whitecap, Meewasin, you’ll be mine.



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